Manage Process Numbers

2017-04-18 22:43

Where is the Manage Process Numbers Menu Located?

  • Configuration > Manage Process Numbers

About Manage Process Numbers

Configure Manage Process numbers to enable unique number banks used to define the next numbers in Envio processes such as tag numbers, run numbers, and PO numbers. Adjust the starting number and how the numbers will auto increment. You can match your process numbers to pre-printed forms or other processes.

How to Manage Process Numbers

  1. Configuration > Manage Process Numbers.
  2. The Manage Proces Numbers window opens. Select the Process Type you want to change the numbering of by clicking the process type name.
  3. To make a new number bank click New.
  4. Type in a name for the number bank. You may name it whatever you choose.
  5. Type the starting number in the Next Number field.
  6. Type the number that the number bank will increase by in the Increment field. Choosing 1 as the Increment field value will cause the number bank to increase by ones as it creates new numbers. 2 will increase by 2's, etc.
  7. To adjust any fields click and edit as needed.
  8. When finished, Save and Close to save your work.

Any new or adjusted number banks will be modified after the changes are saved. Any previous activity will not be changed.

Note: Duplicate numbers are never allowed under the same process type. Be sure when adjusting Next Numbers that the number has not already been used, as critical errors will occur.

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