How to Enter or Select Data in Envio

2017-04-27 00:38

You will use several types of fields to collect or display data in Envio. More that one data entry type may be available for a field.


Checkboxes allow you to select one or more options from a list. Checkboxes are "on" when checked, and "off" when unchecked.

This trading partner screen has checkboxes to select the Relationships and Category.

Select a checkbox by clicking on it with a left-click of your mouse, or pressing the SPACE BAR on the keyboard when the item is selected.

Date Fields

There are multiple ways to select a date. 

This Receiving Load Screen has date entries for Expected and Arrived date.

  • Click in the date field to autofill today's date and time.
  • Type a date into the field.
  • Use the dropdown to open the calendar window and choose the desired date. 

How to Select a Date from the Calendar

  • If your desired date is displayed on the calendar:
    1. Left-click the date to select it. Todays Date will be highlighted in gray.
  • If your desired date is not showing:
    1. Left-click the arrows to advance forward one month or go back one month.
    2. Click the Month and Year to display the entire calendar year by month.
    3. Click the year to display the calendar by year.
    4. Click the year range to see years by decade.
    5. Clicking a selection will drilldown until a single date is selected. 
    6. Once a date is selected, the field populates.
    7. At any time, click the word Clear to clear your changes to the calendar.

Dropdown Lists

A dropdown list contains a list of available options populated by Envio. The options are created by the Envio admin during setup. 

This New Receiving Load screen has a dropdown menu for selecting a carrier. 

Click the    to open the dropdown list. Click the desired selection to fill in the field. You might need to use the scrollbar to see all of the available options.

Text Fields

 Text fields are input areas for text. If a text field is required, it will be highlighted in yellow. Some text fields have character limits, or do not allow spaces. If a text field appears greyed out and you are unable to type in it, then it is filled by system settings that were set elsewhere in the application. 

Radio Buttons (Option Buttons)

Radio buttons, sometimes called option buttons, are used to select one choice from a series of options. Click the circle to select a choice. When the button is selected, it displays a blue center.

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