FAQ Glossary
A person or company that physically receives delivered goods from your company: the delivery location and may or may not be the customer. Examples: a chain store owns Store #177 but all billing goes to headquarters. Store #177 is a receiver as they do not deal in bill-ables or payables.
Consider Roles as the type of work or functions fulfilled by employees. Roles are created to define the privileges and security assigned to User(s). It is helpful to think of a Sales Office with a staff of 8. Group the common functions of all of your Sales staff to create a Sales Role. A Role must have at least one User assigned to it in order to be functional. It is not necessary to create and use Roles. Roles is a tool you can employ to manage what your Users can see and do in ENVIO .
Process for transferring raw or pre-sorted product into packaged, ready-to-ship product
The physical location of your office/facility/shed is a Site. A Site must have a unique address, and your company can have multiple Sites. A Site is the hierarchical parent of Locations and Stations.
Stations are physical areas where a specific workflow progresses. For example, you may have two pallet tag Stations, two shipping Stations, three sales Stations, and a receiving Station. There is no limit to the number of Stations you can set up. A Station is a hierarchical child of Site and is a sibling of Locations. You may want to establish Policies for a unique Station.
A person, company, or vendor that provides materials or commodities for you to pack or use in creating a finished product. Examples: A corn grower who sells raw produce, a cardboard tray manufacturer, a import company that sells you raw berries.
Trading Partner
Trading Partners are all business entities with which you conduct business transactions. This includes: Suppliers, buyers, customers, etc. A trading partner is loosely defined as a company or entity that another company or entity does business with regularly. How a trading partner interacts with your company depends on the relationship.
A person or company that moves product between locations, to customers, or to receivers. Examples: trucking companies, cargo shippers, and rail shippers
Users are named individuals with permissions to log into and use ENVIO . Create a separate User Record for all employees who will access ENVIO . You can assign one or more Roles to a User, and he will be able to enter data based on the criteria set by his assigned Roles. Users do not need to be assigned a Role to access and use ENVIO .