Top 10 Facts about Direct Ship Purchase Orders

2017-05-15 22:28

1. Direct Ship POs are Purchase Orders that the software knows are being used for a Direct Ship, including which Sales Order it is supplying. A Direct Ship PO can only supply one Sales Order (not multiple Sales Orders). However a Sales Order can have an unlimited number of Direct Ship POs; this is useful when product from more than one supplier is needed to satisfy a Sales Order.

2. A single Sales Order product line can have any combination of shipped quantities from shipped inventory tags, Virtual shipments, or Direct Ship PO shipments.

3. The Load for a Direct Ship PO is the Sales Order Load.

4. The ShipTo for a Direct Ship PO is the Sales Order ShipTo.

5. A Product Line on a Direct Ship PO points to a specific Sales Order product line. The Sales Order Line# can be shown in the PO product line grid.

6. Direct Ship POs are created exclusively from the new “Purchase” screen, which is available from within the Sales Order.

7. Direct Ship POs (once created) can be accessed from the Purchase Order master list, just like regular POs.

8. Direct Ship POs are processed and posted to Accounting exactly like regular POs.

9. Products purchased from Direct Ship POs are shown in the “Product Purchases” master list, the same as product from regular POs.

10. There is a “PO Direct Ship Receipt” which manages that portion of a Sales Order Load that is from Direct Ship POs. Since product from a Direct Ship PO is never seen (by definition of direct ship), the PO Direct Ship Receipts are available from the Purchasing Navigation group (instead of Dock Operations).

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