Auto Update Requirements

2017-06-07 00:31

All of the following requirements must be met in order for the AutoUpdate process to be successful. Please contact Support if you have any questions regarding these prerequisites. You may also wish to contact an IT professional to ensure compliance.

  • The person responsible for running the Auto Update must have a Server user account with FULL administrator
    privileges (Read, Write, Delete)
  • User account must have SQL server admin access OR Envio must be provided with admin SQL server credentials.
  • Server web browser settings must allow http traffic and downloads from and ftp traffic from This requirement may be satisfied by the addition of these URLs to the ‘Trusted Sites’ section of the Internet Options screen.
  • The EnvioBackup and EnvioRelease folders that were created by EnvioAg for this process must not be moved and the
    contents of these folders must not be altered. 
  • SQL DB Mail must be working for Profile EnvioSupport.
  • Any changes required by Envio staff to correct issues with these requirements after the initial setup will be considered billable support time.

To contact support:

Call 208-855-2998 or 800-488-2642

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