Auto Update Instructions for Administrators

2017-06-07 00:34


Review the document  Auto Update Requirements before starting the Auto Update process.

Auto Update Instructions

When an Envio update is released, you will receive an email from eausupport@envioag.comIt will contain a URL, a username, and a password. The information is required to preform an auto update.

  1. Login to server as Administrator.
  2. Open an internet browser.
  3. Copy and paste the URL from the email into the Internet Browser. Be sure to copy only the text from between the <> signs, or right-click and choose Copy Hyperlink.
  4. Enter username from email and copy and paste the password.
  5. Click DOWNLOAD.
  6. When asked, choose to SAVE the Envio Update Helper Program. Save it to the desktop. We are the publishers of EnvioAutoUpdateHelper.exe. It is safe to download.
  7. A pop up box will offer you choices, select Close.
  8. Follow the prompts.
  9. Choose Save.
  10. When the file is saved, right click and run as administrator. Do not close the web browser or the update will fail.
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