How to Configure a QuickBooks to Envio Interface on a Workstation

2017-06-14 19:30

If Quickbooks cannot yet connect to Envio and this is a new PC or the first time you need to connect, please contact support and tell them you need the QBfc7 file on your workstation.


Support will either email or connect to your workstation and place a download called onto the desktop -   This folder includes two files.
1. Unzip or Extract the files:
Installer01 – This is an executable.  Copy this to the desktop and run. . (you must be logged as the administrator or on the file use right click “run as” to be in the administrator in Windows)

2. Paste Qbfc7.dll in the Quickbooks folder by:
3. Navigate to ProgramFiles (could be x86) >Common Files>Intuit>QuickBooks.  (Look to see if qbfc7.dll is in this directory).  If not, put it there (copy and paste it here).

4. Open Quickbooks first as admin and then login as admin in Envio. Login as Admin for both programs!

5. Check in Envio for connection. Company > "Company Name" > General (check accounting configuration is checked and push the  Accounting Connection Configuration button. 
        You can also check in Configuration > Accounting Connection Configuration
6. Test the connection to Accounting. > Company > Accounting Tab (your business name) > Customers.  If Data appears = OK! 
7. On a new install, you will get a pop-up in QuickBooks for the certificate.  Give permission ONLY when QuickBooks is OPEN. 

NOTES: Antivirus software can cause issue with connection. If you've followed these steps and still cannot connect, check the antivirus software settings with your IT dept/service

If the workstation will not connect to QuickBooks, check that the  Link to Accounting of Connect Remotely to QB checked in the User Field. Configuration > Users > Admin > General 

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