How to Change the Location of a Container - Handheld

2017-05-19 01:22


  • Handheld module Serialized Bins: purchased and installed
  • Handheld user license purchased and active
  • At least one mobile device available

Where is Show Store at Location?

  • Company > Process Policies > Process Type: Supplier Receipt > Group: Handheld

Why & When Show Store at Location is Used

Depending on the workflow, this “easy toggle” can increase the efficiency of moving containers because both functions receiving and moving can be handled in the same area. Less navigation time on the handheld is needed. 

How to activate the Show Store at Location in Bin Receiving policy

  1. On an Envio workstation, login as an Admin user.
  2. Company > “Company Name” > Process Policies > Process Type: Supplier Receipt > Group: Handheld
  3. Click to expand the menu
  4. Locate the Store at Location in Bin Receiving policy
  5. The policy is off by default. Click the checkbox beside Store at Location in Bin Receiving (beneath the value heading) to turn it on.
  6. Save and Close

This policy should now be in place at the company level. 

How to use the Store at Location in Bin Receiving policy

  1. Turn on the handheld device
  2. Touch the Envio icon to start the application.
  3. A screen with blue boxes will appear. Two tabs will also show: Tags and Bins. Touch the Bins tab.
  4. Touch the Receive Bin button and receive a bin
    • For step-by-step directions on how to receive a bin with a handheld see How to Receive Bins
  5. Touch to choose a container/bin to move:
    • Scan a container/bin number tag OR
    • Manually enter the container number in the Container field OR
    • Highlight a load from the list. with a finger or stylus.
  6. If the desired location is displaying in the Store at Location text dropdown, Store at Loc
    • If the run does not display in the dropdown, Touch the dropdown to scroll through the available location list.
      • A location will only appear on the handheld if it has been entered into Envio. The location must be associated with the supplier receipt station.
  7. Touch Yes to store the container.
    • To view the transaction in Envio: Production > MasterContainers > “Desired Container Number” > History Tab

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • The terms Bins and Containers are used interchangeably 


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