Handheld Run List Columns

2017-05-24 20:48


  • Handheld module Tag purchased and installed
  • At least one user license must be purchased and active
  • At least one mobile device available

Where is the Run List Column Configuration?

  • Company > General Policies > Process Type: General > Group: Handheld

Why & When Run List Configuration is used

Because a handheld only displays four columns, if different or fewer columns are needed then these options can be changed in the Handheld policy screen.

How to modify the Run List, Field to Display policies

  1. On an Envio workstation, login as an Admin user.
  2. Company > “Company Name” > General Policies > Process Type: General > Group: Handheld
  3. Click + to expand the menu
  4. Locate the policies that begin “Run List, Field to display...”
  5. Click in the Value column beside the field policy you want to change.
  6. Click the dropdown to select the desired column heading
  7. All of the “Run List, Field to Display” policies are changed in this way.
  8. Save and Close.

This policy should now be in place at the company level. 

How to verify the columns have changed on the handheld

  1. Turn on the handheld device 
  2. Touch the Envio icon to start the application.
  3. A screen with blue boxes will appear. Two tabs will also show: Tags and Bins.
  4. Touch the Bins Tab
  5. Touch Dump Bins
  6. The Run List displays
    • The four column headings should correspond to the Run fields selected in the policies.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • Handheld policies may also be set at the site and station level
  • Column Chooser is not accessible on the handheld


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