Transfer Receipt

2017-10-13 23:30

Where New Transfer Receipts are located

Dock Operations > Start a Task > New Transfer Receipt

What New Transfer Receipt does

This function enables you to account for and receive inventory sent via Transfer Order as it arrives at the “to” site/location.

Why & When a Transfer Receipt is used

Use a Transfer Receipt when you receive inventory from another company site.

How to Create a Transfer Receipt

  1. Dock Operations > Start a Task > New Transfer Receipt
  2. Click the down arrow beside Transfer Receipt Station* to fill in the yellow required field.
    * It may appear as Transfer Receipt St...
  3. Some fields will autofill and the Load Number field will turn yellow. Click the down arrow beside Load Number to choose the incoming load.
  4. The Products grid and Order/Sites information should populate.
  5. Sav e
  6. There are three options
    1.  Receive All
    2. Mark as Received
    3. Transfer Receipt
  7. There are a few ways to progress forward:
    1. Click the Receive All button. Press the checkbox to Receive all Items and Print All Tags if desired. Click OK.
    2. Click the Mark as Received button to switch the Order Status Field to Received
      •  Confirm the Load as Shipped by pressing the Yes button
  8. Press the Transfer Receipt button to open a popup window and print a transfer receipt.

Troubleshooting & Tips

What’s the difference between a transfer and a move? • To do Transfers, you must set up a Transfer Station and Transfer Receipt Station

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