Ship a Mismatched Tag - Handheld

2017-05-24 21:25


  • Handheld module: Shipping purchased and installed
  • At least one user license must be purchased and active
  • At least one mobile device available
  • This document assumes familiarity with shipping tags from the handheld load screen. See Ship a Tag - Handheld for basic instructions

Where is Ship Tags Located?

  • Handheld > Envio > Tags > Ship Tags > Load List

Why & When Ship Tags is Used

The Ship Tag function is used to assign product pallet tags to Sales Orders via the Load Number. It calls up a load list which is comprised of open status sales order product information. Handheld capabilities can increase efficiencies and may reduce error because pallets can be marked as shipped when scanned using automatic matching allowing for near real-time data collection.

What to do when product matches more than one sales order product line or when the Tag does not match to any product line

  1. Handheld > Ship Tags > Load > Load Detail Screen 
  2. When scanning a tag, if an error message appears: More than one Order Line Matches appears, it means the tag matches more than one sales order line.
  3. An “override” is available that allows the operator to specify exactly which Line to ship the Tag on.
  4. Place the cursor in the Line# box
  5. Type in the desired line number and press ENTER. A default quantity to ship displays in the Shpd box, and the cursor moves there.
  6. The selected line shows at the bottom of the screen. A default quantity is displayed and the cursor moves to the Shpd box.
  7. Touch ENTER to accept and ship the default quantity, or enter a different quantity to ship, and then touch ENTER.
  8. The handheld ships the Tag, and shows the quantity in the shipped tags grid.
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