Handheld - Receiving Bins

2017-05-24 21:05


  • Handheld module Serialized Bins: purchased and installed
  • Handheld user licence purchased and active
  • At least one mobile device available
  • A supplier receipt must exist in Envio (Supplier receipts must be created on a workstation)
  • Bins must have a permanent "license plate number" bar code attached to them

Where Receive Bins is Located

  • Handheld > Envio > Bins > Receive Bins

Why & When the Receive Bin function is used

Use the Receive Bin function to quickly enter bins/containers into a supplier receipt by scanning or entering the number on the handheld. It allows you to add the bins to your inventory as they are filled. Handhelds can help speed up processes.

How to Receive a Bin using a handheld

  1. Turn on the handheld device
  2. Touch the Envio icon to start the application.
  3. A screen with blue boxes with appear. Two tabs will also show: Tags and Bins. Touch the Bins Tab
  4. Touch the Receive Bin button
  5. A grid of open supplier receipts will show.
  6. Select the supplier receipt into which you will receive product:
    • Scan or manually enter a Receipt Number OR
    • Highlight a receipt in the list—by touching with a finger or stylus. Once line is highlighted blue, press the Select button.
      1. If the select receipt has valid item defaults, the Container Receiving Detail screen will show the receipt and a list of received containers.
      2. If the receipt does not have valid item defaults, the handheld will display an error message stating the defaults are missing and must be created. (This data must be created on an Envio workstation)
  7. Scan Containers/Bins into a Receipt
  8. The cursor must be at the Container number prompt
  9. Scan or type a valid* (empty) Container number.
    • Empty container number list can be found in Envio > Production > Find > MasterContainers. Add the column heading has products using the column chooser.
  10. The scanned container should appear at the top of the grid of containers. An entry is also created in Envio on the Supplier Receipt.
    • If an invalid container number is found, an error message displays
    • If a container record in Envio already has product, it will display an error of “Container is in use” and will not allow receiving.
  11. If you need to change the “percentage full” in a received container:
    1.  Select a container that is received and showing in the grid
    2. Touch to highlight the container
    3. Touch the corresponding row until it is highlighted OR Scan or type the container number and it will highlight the row
    4. Click the dropdown in the % Full dropdown and select the closest percentage.
    5. A confirmation message appears. Touch Yes to approve.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • The terms Bins and Containers are used interchangeably
  • To undo a container receive (it was scanned/received by mistake)
    1. Touch to select a received container from the grid
    2. Highlight the container row or scan/type the container number
    3. Touch the Undo button. Select Yes to remove the container from the grid and the supplier receipt.
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