Understanding Handheld shipping: What hardware, software, and changes must I make to install handhelds into my company?

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Envio’s Handheld Module provides the ability to perform real time inventory transactions by scanning a bar code on a pallet or bin. Companies use the handhelds to speed up inventory transactions such as shipping, dumping, or moving. It frees workers from workstations and allows them to scan bar codes instead of typing or selecting items from dropdown lists.  

Pallet/Bin Tags:

  • Scanning requires that Pallet/Bin tags are printed with the tag number in bar code format.  The Envio application easily allows the design of these tags to include the bar coded tag number.
  • Shipping is a common handheld function. The forklift driver retrieves a pallet to be shipped, and scans the bar code as the pallet is being loaded on the truck. Handheld immediately relieves the pallet from on-hand inventory and records the pallet as shipped on the Order that is being loaded on the truck. 
  • Moving allows the Location of a pallet tag to be changed with a Handheld.
  • Dumping records a pallet or bin tag when it is dumped into a Run.    

Serial Numbered Bins:        

  • Some Packer/Shippers use permanent bins, often plastic, with permanently mounted serial numbers in a bar code format.  Sometimes these numbers are called “license plates”.   Envio refers to these as “Master Containers”. 
  • Envio’s Handheld can scan these Serial Numbers and perform inventory transactions such as Raw Receiving, Moving Location, or Dumping.    

Hardware/Network Requirements and Setup:

  • Scanners: The Handheld module uses handheld scanners from Motorola, most commonly the MC9X90 series. There is a picture of an MC9190 at the end of this document. 
  •  Server Software: The handheld module of Envio includes a separate Web Service Installation that runs a scaled-back version of Envio on Handheld scan 'guns'. Envio Support will perform the installation and setup of this web service. Note that Envio Support will look at the current processing load on your server, and advise you if there is a concern about processing capacity.  
  • Client Software:  The handheld module also includes client software that is installed on the handheld scanner. Envio Support assists in the initial installation of the client software on the scan guns.  Installing the client software on the handheld scanners requires an individual onsite who will be in communication with Envio Support during the installation process.      
  •  Access Points – You will need these placed in your facility to cover the area the Forklift Drivers access – packing area, shipping area, inventory storage area, etc.  These involve the installation of antennas, network cabling, and other hardware that connects the Wi-Fi signal to your local network.  This should be done by an organization that is experienced in setting up wireless coverage, ArmgaSys does not provide this service. Note that WiFi signals have difficulty with concrete, cardboard, and large electrical panels.      
  •  Handheld Units – The model that is Envio compliant is the Motorola MC9X90 model.  
    •  IMPORTANT:  These scan guns must have the Microsoft Mobile OS 6.5 Operating System.  The Envio Handheld client software is compatible with Microsoft Mobile OS 6.0 or 6.5 operating system only, not with the Android or other operating systems.
    • The scan guns can be purchased from a local Motorola dealer of your choice, ArmgaSys does not sell this hardware.  If you require assistance locating a dealer, ArmgaSys can discuss assisting you in locating a dealer for the Motorola Handheld Scanners.
    • The number of units you need depends upon the maximum number of forklifts/personnel that will be performing inventory transactions. When you order these units you will also need a Cradle (these come either one per unit and/or one for four units) which charges the battery of the Handheld units and allows for the download of the application. One extra handheld unit is also a wise investment so if a unit requires maintenance you maintain full coverage while processing.   
  •  Software: The Envio Handheld software module must be purchased from ArmgaSys and installed by Envio Support. The Handheld module is purchased separately from Envio itself. o   All of the handheld functional modules (Shipping, Dumping, Viewing, Moving, etc.) are included in the purchase price.  
  • Envio Software: There may be some setups in the Envio application, such as new Users, or potential changes to the Tag document.     
  • Business Procedures/Workflow: There will potentially be some impact on the internal procedures and workflow within your organization. This is because inventory transactions are captured in real time and possibly by different personnel.   Motorola MC9190:


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