Product Packout

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A Run (General Tab) must be created before you can packout product. See  How to Create a New Run.

Where is Product Packout Located?

  • Production > Find > Runs > "Select Run" > Product Packout

Why & When Product Packout is Used

Product Packout is the process of assigning pallet tags and inventory numbers to packed product. Use Product Packout to track and tag product as it moves down the packing line.

How to Packout Product

  1. Production > Find >Runs >"Select Run" > Product Packout Tab OR while making a new run Production > Start a Task > New Run > Product Packout Tab.
  2. Click the New Item button to create a new line item in the "Work Line"
    • The work line is a default policy. Policies > Run > Group: Packout > Show Work Line in Packout tab. This document assumes the policy is turned on. If you have Westmark integration, your workline will be off.
  3. Click below the SKU heading to enter the product SKU, or click below the Product Heading , click in the empty Commodity area and begin typing the commodity name or select from the dropdown list. Do the same action in the Stage field.
  4. Once the product is selected, fill out the Quantity and any other desired fields.
    • If you want different heading information to show, right click on the heading row and select Column Chooser.
    • If you are using a work line, a required column addition is the Save or Save & New field. It enables creating product and saving in one row. The Print Pallet Tag on Save checkbox only works if you use the workline Save or Save & New.
  5. Click the Save button on the work line. This moves the product into the packout grid and assigns a tag number.
  6. Continue adding products by clicking New Item or using Save & New, filling in the product and quantity information, then Save.
  7. If you wish to make multiple pallet tags of the same item, fill in the product information and then type a number in the Total # of Items to Create field. Envio will assign a new tag number and entry equal to the number entered.
    • This is a policy. To set, go to Company > Process Policies > Process Type Run > Group Number Banks and Tags > Tag Number Bank.
  8. When a pallet tag is complete, a pallet tag may be printed.
    • There are many process policies and options avialable to determine when, and to which printer a pallet tag is printed.
  9. To print a pallet tag, select the product line and click the Print Tag button on the Packed Item bar. OR right-click the product line in the grid and select Print Tag.
    • An easy way to see if a product's pallet tag has been printed is to right-click the grid headings and select Column Chooser. Click and then drag Tag Printed to the heading row. If a tag has been printed, the checkbox will be checked.
  10. Right-click a product line item to bring up a list of additional options.
  11. Save  to continue working on this run, or Save and Close  if you are finished.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • Packout Company Policies are located in Company > Find > "Your Company Name" > General Policies > Process Type: Run > Group: Packout
  • If a product must be changed in  packout, you must sort by tag number before making changes.
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