How to Make a Supplier Receipt

2017-05-09 01:30

Where are Supplier Receipts Located?

  • Production > Start a Task > New Supplier Receipt

When & Why a Supplier Receipt is Used

A Supplier Receipt is a receipt given to the grower when raw produce is brought to the company. A Supplier Receipt keeps track of all raw product when it arrives and gives each incoming container a tag/number. This is often the first step in the production process. There area few ways to number the bins:

  1. Each bin gets a unique number and printed bin tag
  2. Multiples of similar product receive the same tag number and all get the same numbered tag
  3. Bins are pre-numbered with a serial number of license plate that is scanned and entered into the system

How to Make a Supplier Receipt

  1. Production > Start a Task > New Supplier Receipt
  2. Fill in the yellow required Sup. Receipt Station field. You can use the dropdown field to select a station. Other fields may autofill based on company policies.
    • Supplier Receipts have many policies that affect what information is required or autofilled. Required fields may vary.
  3. Fill in all the required yellow fields. If at any time you are unsure what is required, click Save and error icons will appear beside required fields.
  4. The Supplier and Commodity fields will always be required.
  5. Save before continuing to ensure there are no errors.

Add One Item at a Time to Supplier Receipt

  1. Click New Item.  A line appears.
  2. To select a product, type the desired SKU or click under the Product heading to open a dropdown menu. Click the empty field on the left, then type in the commodity name and press TAB. Type in the stage (most often it is raw) and press TAB to populate the dropdown list.
  3. Click the heading field to fill in any remaining desired criteris on this line such as Qty, Bin Owner, etc).
    • Right-click the line heading and select column chooser if you want different data to show in the headings.
  4. Continue adding product. Click the New Item button to add additional line items.
    • Each line item will receive an individual bin tag.
  5. Right-click on the product line heading to open a menu.
  6. Click Print Tag to print the bin tag from that line. Continue on each line until all tags are printed.

Add Multiples of Similar Received Items to Supplier Receipt

  1. Click Multiple Items. A line appears.
    • Example: 20 full bins of Red Delicious apples arrive from the same block.
  2. Fill in the Total # of Items to Create field with the number of items. In this example, it would be 20.
  3. Click the Print Bin Tag(s) on Save checkbox to print the tags when creating Multiple Items. You will receive multiples of the same tag number in the quantity assigned in Total # of Items to Create.
  4. Click Save.
  5. When finished, Click Print to print the Supplier Receipt.

Save and Close Supplier Receipt

  1. Click the Is Closed checkbox to close the Supplier Receipt. Do this if you do not want anyone to make changes to the information.
  2. Save and Close to save your work.
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