Make a New Master Container

2017-04-30 23:23


You must have physical containers/bins with unique numbers, codes, or barcodes permanently affixed.

Where the Master Container is located

  • Configuration > Find > MasterContainers

Why & When Master Containers are used

Use Master Containers when you have serialized bins or containers that you wish to track. A barcode or numbered “license plate” must be attached to the container in order to use Master Containers. Master Containers enables greater traceability by keeping a history of every movement and process of the container.

How to Create New Master Containers

  1. Configuration > Find > MasterContainers 
  2. The window will open onto the Information Tab. The History Tab is disabled in this area.
  3. Click the Create button to create a new container registry. The window will be gray until the button is pressed.
  4. Container Type: Click the dropdown to select the container type.
    • To add more container types see Add a Container Type
  5. Location: Click the dropdown to select the actual location where the container is currently. This field is required.
  6. Owner: Click the dropdown to select the owner of this bin.
    • Bin Ownership can be set in the Company > Trading Partner > ”Partner Name” > and select the checkbox Is Bin Owner.

The following steps are for adding multiple containers with consecutive numbering. Containers of non-consecutive numbers must be added one at a time.

  • Consecutive: a predictable and steady increase in numbers.
  1. In the Quantity field, type in the number of actual containers for which you will generate identification numbers. Example :You would type 50 if you have 50 new containers on the dock.
  2. In the Start Value field, type in the number of the first container. All additional containers will count up from this number. Add a prefix or suffix if desired. For pre-printed serial numbers, match it using these fields
  3. In the Increment field, type the number that the container number generator will count by. Example: type 1 and numbers will be 100, 101, 102, type 5 to generate container number 100, 105, 110.
  4. Click Go to generate the container ID numbers and add them to Envio.
  5. A confirmation window will appear. Click OK.
  6. To verify all the containers were created navigate to Production > Find > Master Containers. Search or scroll to find the containers.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • To view, see current contents and see history on a Master Container navigate to Production > Start a Task > View Master Containers. The interface is similar to the Configuration menu. Type in the Container number and press ENTER.
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