Default Notes Maintenance

2017-06-02 01:01

Where is Default Notes Maintenance Located?

  • Configuration > Default Notes Maintenance

Why & When Default Notes are Used

Create a default note when specific information is required on multiple documents and you don't want to re-type it on each one. Set the default, and apply it to multiple documents quickly by simply calling up a code. 

How to Create Default Notes

  1. Configuration > Default Notes Maintenance
  2. Click on an order type. There are three options: Sales Order, Purchase Orderor Transfer Order.
  3. Each order type has specific documents associated with it. Any current notes will populate in the grid.
  4. Click New to add a new row in the grid.
  5. Click in the empty space below the Code column  and type a code. Continue along the row and type in the texFt field. The text is exactly what will be printed on the document. 
  6. Click the document types where you would like this note option to appear.  For Sales Order, the document types are as follows: Sales Order Document Type Table
  7. Save and Close when you are finished.
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