Create Custom Column Headers

2017-04-21 21:19

Where are Custom Column Headers Located?

  • Configuration > Custom Column Headers

Why & When Custom Column Headers are Used

Use the Custom Column Header to define column headings associated with specific areas of Envio. These headings can be brought on to some of the Grids using Column Chooser to give flexibility. Custom Column Names replace default names. 

  • Example: Reference1 could be changed to read Long Term on a purchase order.

How to Add a Custom Column Header

  1. Configuration > Custom Column Headers
  2. Some default column headers may already be available upon installation. They will appear in the grid.
  3. To make a new column heading, click New Custom Column.
  4. A new empty row will appear in the grid.
  5. Click the dropdown below Class Name column in the empty field to choose the process to which the column name will apply. 
    • Examples: POProductLine, SampleDetail, Sample, SOProductLine, TOProductLine
  6. Click the dropdown below the Column Name column and select a Column Name. The Class Name will define the choice in Column Name.
  7. Click in the empty field below Custom Column Name and type in the name you wish to see in the Column Headers.
  8. To edit any fields click and retype or select as needed. All instances of a new or edited name will change once saved.
  9. Save and Close to save your work when finished.
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