Disposition Detail

2017-05-08 21:57

Where is Disposition Detail Located?

  • Configuration > Disposition Detail

Why & When Disposition Detail is Used

Create and edit unique disposition codes for sales orders. Use the Disposition Detail Manager to define the code and its meaning. These codes are often used in sales or purchase orders to denote issues or statuses.

  • Example: Assign a "T" for Trouble on sales orders that may have problems such as spoiled product.

How to Add a Disposition in Disposition Setup

  1. Configuration > Disposition Detail
  2. Some default codes are already available upon installation. They will appear in the grid.
  3. To make a new Disposition, click New.
  4. An empty row will appear in the grid.
  5. Click below the Code column and type in a code. You may name it whatever you choose.
  6. Click below the Name column to type in a Name.
  7. Click the dropdown below Process column to choose the process to which this code will apply.
  8. You may use the same Code and Name in multiple Processes. (You may have T for Trouble in a Sales Order, Run, or Load for example).
  9. To edit any fields, click and edit as needed. All instances of an edited code will change once it is saved.
  10. Save and Close when finished              

Selecting a Disposition in a Sales Order

  1. . Select any disposition created for a specific process in the Disposition Detail administration menu. Only dispositions created for the specific process will be available on the dropdown. 

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