How to Enable Hybrid Tags

2017-06-06 22:02

Where is Hybrid Tag Located?

  • Production > Start a Task > New Hybrid Tag

Why & When are Hybrid Tags Used?

Hybrid Tag is a PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) term. A Hybrid Tag is a pallet tag that combines product tags from two or more other pallet tags onto one physical pallet. Hybrid tags are used when several incomplete pallets of the same product are put onto one physcial pallet. No one wants to deal with shipping multiple partial pallets of the same product when they can simply be restacked onto one physical pallet.

How to Enable Hybrid Tags

  1. Log into Envio as the admin user
  2. Configuration > Manage Process Numbers
  3. Select Process Type General
  4. Click New. A row will appear in the grid.
  5. Below Number Bank, type HybridNumber
    • If a row called HybridNumber already exists, Continue on. If you also want an SSCC Tag number bank, Do Step 4 and 5 and call the bank SSCCNumber
  6. Adjust the Start Number (the first tag number) and the increment (how each consecutive number will increase) or leave the supplied defaults.
  7. Save.
  8. Company > Find > "Your Company Name" > General Policies Tab > Process Type: General > Group: Hybrid Tag - SSCC
  9. Review the charge options. Set the Hybrid Tag Number Bank to HybridNumber. Hybrid Tag Policy Group
  10. Review the policies and assign those you feel are needed.
  11. Save and Close.

For this policy to be active to users, they must log out of Envio and log back in.

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