How to Import Products via Spreadsheet, Excel

2017-05-31 18:20


  • The Commodity, Stage, and Element Values must already exist in EnvioAg.
  • If you want to import GTIN numbers, you must set up the GTIN information before importing product.

Where do I find the Import Products Task?

  • Configuration > Import Products

Why & When Import Products is Used

Use the Import Product task to save time by importing an entire product catalog in one easy step. Instead of entering product manually one line item at a time, you can import all of them. An excel spreadsheet is required prior to set up. Data in the spreadsheet must be correctly configured in an Excel or similar Spreadsheet format and saved as a csv.

How to Create an Importable Spreadsheet

  1. Open a spreadsheet program that can be saved as a .csv file (Excel,OpenOffice Calc, etc.)
  2. Review the following lists to determine (based on your Stage and Element values of your commodities in EnvioAg) what column headings you must provide for each product. (Company > Commodity)Import List*Spelling and Capitalization must be exactly as shown above
  3.  Row 1 of the Spreadsheet is the header row. Type in one heading from the above list into each Row 1, lettered column.
    Column order is not important.
  4.  IMPORTANT: Once the spreadsheet information is imported, you may not change the element values within a specific product: a
    new product must be created.
  5. Enter each product on one row, matching the information with the heading.
  6. Once all the data is in the spreadsheet, save it in a .csv format. File > Save as > Save Type As > .CSV (comma delimited)
  7.  Log into EnvioAg as the admin user and navigate to Configuration >Import Products Synchronize Products.
  8. Clickthe Select Import File button and then browse to find the saved .csv file
  9. Click the Process button. If any errors occur the view log button will activate and a line by line message of errors will show. Fix the errors in the spreadsheet, save as a .csv, and then reattempt the import.
  10. When no error messages appear, Save and Close.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • To review what elements are required for each Commodity and Stage, go to Company > Find > Commodity > “commodity name” then review the Signature letter codes. Click signature letter codes for more data on what signature each letter represents.
  • Reference the document Why did my Product Import Fail?
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