How to Add a New Product

2017-05-04 23:54

Where is Add a Product Located?

  • Company > Start a Task > New Product

Why & When to Add a New Product

Add a new product to your current product list when a commodity has a variety, subvariety, grade, pack or any other Product Element change.  Example: a new package not previously handled.

How to Add a New Product

  1. Access the new product menu in one of the following ways:
    • Company > Start a Task > New Product
    • Company > Find > + Commodities > Click New
  2. Populate the Commodity and Stage fields and the associated element headings will automatically appear.
    • Use the dropdown menu available in the Commodity fields to select a product from the list, or type the first letter of the product.
    • Use the dropdown menu in the Stage field to choose the Stage.
  3. Continue to populate the Product Description  fields and any applicable Product Attribute fields, including SKU.
  4. Save, and this should populate the weight fields. If you have assigned weights and they do not appear after saving, STOP. Check your weight definitions  
    • Weight definition issues must be resolved before a product is created. A product without an associated weight causes major data inconsistencies. (How to Adjust Weight Definitions.)
  5. Save and Close when you have entered all necessary information and weights populate correctly.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • Data doesn't appear in list of products, partial data appears: Click the refresh button located in the upper left-hand side.
  • Can't find the element value you need: Be sure to add the element first. See How to Add a New Product for specific instructions.
  • The ability to create new products is controlled at the User level. 
  • If you are using GTIN Identifiers, be aware the GTIN number is not automatically generated when the product is created.
  • When adding materials, assign a SKU to simplify the process.
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