How Do I Add a Trading Partner?

2017-04-18 22:45

Where is New Trading Partner Located?

  • Company > Start a Task > New Trading Partner

About New Trading Partner

Add a new Trading Partner and select a category for this business partner using the New Trading Partner function. Use New Trading Partner to add a new grower, customer, transporter, brokerage, supplier, or misc to Envio. Customize the partner's information so that forms will autofill. 

How to Make a New Trading Partner

  1. Company > Start a Task > New Trading Partner
  2. Enter the Trading Partner's Company name into the required yellow field.New Trading Partner Window
  3. Enter an Account Code. The code must be 10 alphanumeric characters or less. 
  4. If accounting software is already connected, you may add the Customer and Payable Account ID from the drop down list. If accounting is not connected these fields will be gray.
  5. Fill in any other optional fields.
  6. The box beside Is Active must be checked to see this trading partner in the Envio system.
  7. Choose the Relationships this trading partner has with your company
  8. For each checkbox you select, a tab will appear with the same title.
  9. Save your changes, then click the Addresses tab.
  10. Click New to add an address.New Address Tab
  11. Two blue address lines appear. Click in the Address Line 1 field and delete <New Address>. Type in the address for this trading partner.
  12. Continue to type in Address Line 2 (if needed), City, and Zip Code. Select the correct State and Country.
  13. Once the address is entered, select if this is the Billing address, Shipping address, or both. 
  14. If another address is required, repeat steps 10 through 13. 
    • There is no restriction to the number of addresses you may have in a trading partner record, but only one may be selected for billing.
  15. Save your work if you wish to continue on to customize other tabs.
  16. Be sure the Is Active checkbox is selected for the partner to be active. 
  17. Save and Close if you are finished.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • Use proper capitalization and standard formatting. These addresses will populate all documents exactly as they are recorded in the trading partner record.
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