How to Add a Filter to the Grid Filter Band

2017-04-27 00:26

Where is the Grid Filter Band Located?

The Grid Filter Band is available at the top of many grids in Envio. Grids that are called Master Grids (Sales Orders, Runs, Purchase Orders, etc) will have a Grid Filter Band at the top.

What does the Grid Filter Band Do?

The Grid Filter Band has an Advanced Find Filter dropdown that is useful for retrieving data from the database. In order to get data to appear in the grid, choose an option from the Advanced Find Filter Dropwdown, or create a new search using the filter. By keeping grids below 10,000 rows, the Grid Filter Band enhances Envio performance.

How to Add or Change a filter on the Grid Filter Band.

  1.  Open a Master Grid
    • Examples: Sales Orders, Runs, Purchase Orders, etc.
  2. The dropdown meny contains all of the Advanced Find Filters assigned to this grid. Click an name and click Search  to populate the grid with the filtered data.
  3. If the search was successful, black text appears in the filter indicating the number of found records. If an error occurs, red text will appear explaining the error.Successful Grid Search
  4. If you are unsure what data is showing for a Find filter, click Show Filter Values. A window will open showing the current filter values.
  5. To add a new filter, click the Find button above the grid. Find Button
  6. The Quick Find window will appear over the Find filter. Click Advanced Find.
  7. Double-Click the white area under Filter Name to add a filter. A row will appear named <new filter>. Create a name for the filter.Add New Grid Filter
  8. Click Change Filters under Filter Options. (If you want to sort by it, select it. Everything with that criteria will populate the grid when the search is run.)
  9. Click Done. Information will populate in the Filter Values pane based on the checkboxes selected.
  10. To save these parameters to the filter, right click the filter name and click Update Filter.
  11. If you want this new filter to be the default for the grid click the checkbox under the Default Column.
    Update a filter
  12. Important: To Save, You must update the filter again. Right click the filter name and click Update Filter.
  13. Click Search to view the results in the grid. Close this window.
  14. The new filter should now be available in the dropdown in the Grid Filter Band. 
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