Create or Modify User Codes

2017-06-01 22:24

Where User Codes are Located

  • Configuration > Manage User Codes

About Manage User Codes

Use Manage User Codes to create custom codes used throughout Envio including Item classes and Sample Detail. These codes allow for unique column headings on grids. They are required for sampling.

How to Make User Codes

  1. Configuration > Manage User Codes
  2. The Manage User Codes window displays options on the left that populate options on the right.
  3. Click Item. A box with ten Column User Codes appears to the right. Column User Codes will be labeled UserCode#1 through 10 unless modified in Configuration > Custom Column Headers
  4. Click the radio button of the UserCode to which you want to add additional code choices (drop down/selection options)
  5. Click New to add a new row in the grid.
  6. Click in the empty space below the Code column and type in a code. Continue along the row and type in the Name, Description, and then click the Is Active checkbox to make the code active.
  7. Click Save to save your work.
  8. To add a SampleDetail select SampleDetail from the left option box and add new rows in a similar manner as steps 5-7.
  9. Save and Close when finished.

Anywhere UserCode options are used, the new or modified codes will now appear as a selection choice.

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