Grid Row Selector

2017-05-02 23:08

V4: The Grid Row Selector is the small column on the left side of each row of data in most grids. Click on the column to select the entire row. The Grid Row Selector column is standard in EnvioAg

V3: The Grid Row Selector is available, but it is not default in V3. It is most useful inside of the Transaction windows (Sales Order, Purchase Order, etc.). The RowSelector will insert a small column at the beginning of each detail line. When the Row Selector is on, The entire row is highlighted. You can click on the line you are editing—on  the Row Selector icon (triangle)—and you will “lock” the row. It removes the possibility of accidentally editing a field on the row. The Row Selector is especially useful when you want to perform a “Right-Click” function on a row. 


Right click on your column headings and select “Show Row Selector” from the options box.  This is a Toggle item. If the Row selector is ON and you want to turn it OFF, the option will say Hide Row Selector.

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