Why don’t I see any records or information in my grid?

2017-05-04 21:15


This example uses the Transporter Grid, but all grids function in a similar way. 

When you do not see any records, but know there should be some listed, the first step is to clear filtering, refresh, and then see if records appear. 

If you do not see any records listed and you verified that there are trading partners marked as transporters, turn off any grid filtering to see if filters were restricting the data.  Click the Find button in the upper left-hand corner,  then click Clear Filtering.

To verify data should be there, go to where the data entry is. Here is the transporter Example: In Company > Trading Partners > “select trading partner name”, there is a checkbox beside Transporter. In order for a company to show up in the Transporter grid, it must be marked as such.

Once there are companies checked as transporters and there aren't any filters, they will appear in this grid. You can right click on the column heading row and select Grid Print Options to print the grid (if you desire). 

 Below is an example of a sample transporter grid.

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