Customize the Customer Tab for a Trading Partner

2017-04-30 23:29


The trading partner must have the relationship of Customer selected for this tab to appear.

Where is the Customer Tab Located?

  • Company > Trading Partners > [partner name] > Customer tab

How and Why to Customize the Customer Tab

Save time by filling information in the Customer tab that autofills fields in the Envio application. Adding paymnet and freight terms is a big time saver.  All fields in the Customer tab are optional.

Customer Tab

  • Customer Info: The Price Group is required for Price Schedules. 
  • Defaults/Brokerage: Select the Payment and Freight Terms to have this information auto-populate fields and forms.
  • Accounts Receivable: The Credit Limit information is for information purposes only. It will not populate anywhere else in Envio.

After any changes, click Save and Close.

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