Assign a Bill of Material to Produce Products

2017-04-30 23:28


Go to Company > Company Name > General Policies > Process Type: General > Group: Materials > Deplete Packout Materials by Batch Process must be ON.

A Bill of Material must be created prior to assignment.

Where to go to assign a Bill of Material

Company > Commodities > Produce Commodity > Stage Name Packed

What does assigning a Bill of Material do?

Assigning a Bill of Material associates the materials to a produce product.

Why and When you assign a Bill of Material

In order to track materials when packing product, you must assign a created Bill of Material to the products. Without this connection, Envio cannot know when materials are being used.

How to assign a Bill of Material to a Produce Product

  1. Company > Commodities > [Produce Commodity Name ](example: Sweet Potatoes) > Stage Name: Packed.
  2. Select Element Definition Tab.
  3. The user decides which product element(s) to base material usage on. Choose one or more. Pack, size, and brand are most common. 
  4. In the Define Material column, left click the checkbox for the element that will define the material use.
  5. Save.
  6. Navigate to the Materials tab.        
  7. Left click Assign Bill of Material. This will enable the area below the Pack column.
  8. Left click to select a choice from the dropdown.
  9. Left click the white area below Bill of Material to activate the dropdown.
  10. Left click to select the Bill of Material that will attach to the chosen element value.
  11. Save
  12. The Bill of Material is now active and its detail will populate the bottom grid.

Create Inventory Tags

  1. In order to create inventory tags for materials, you must assign a number bank. Verify there is one assigned. Navigate to Company > [Company Name] > Process Policies > Process Type: Run > Group: Number Banks and Tags. Verify that Neg Tag Numbers is selected beside the Usage Number Bank row. Use the dropdown if it is not selected. It is recommended to also add a Usage Number Prefix. (We suggest M).  

Troubleshooting and Tips

  • If the general policy Deplete Packout Materials by Batch Process is not selected, materials will begin to be used in packout before any material inventory is added to the system. This results in negative quantities (and requires some clean-up).
  • Bring materials into inventory via Purchase Order or Supplier Receipt.
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