How to Add an Element Value

2017-05-04 00:32

Where are Element Values Located?

  • Company > Find > Commodities

About Adding Element Values

New Variety? New Package?  = New Element Value. 

The Element Value is the Envio method of defining and prioritizing the attributes of Commodiites specific to your business.

A new commodity element value may be added if there is a change to how a product should be packed, sorted, or sold that is not available as a dropdown choice when creating a new product.

How to Add a New Element Value

  1. Company > Find > Commodities
  2. Choose the commodity that requires a new element value. Double-click on your selection in the Name column.
    • Example: Cherries, Apples, Onions, etc.
  3. This window shows all the pre-assigned Product Stages.  Double-click on the Stage Name where the new element value will be added.
  4. Click on the Element Values tab.Add New Element Value
  5. A list of elements will appear. Click on the Element Name in the box. (Variety, Subvariety, etc.) The corresponding data will show in the Values grid.
  6. Click the New Value button in the middle of the right-hand side of the screen. A new blank row will appear in the Values table.
  7. Type in the value under the Code heading (10 character limit; No spaces) and input a description in the Description field.
  8. Save and Close the "Stage, Commodity" window first and then Save and Close any other open windows. 
    • Example: Close the "Packed Cherries" window before closing the Cherries window.
  9. The new element should now be a selection choice when creating a new product in the Company > Find > +Commodities > Products menu.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • Individual Element Value Codes and Descriptions can be changed. HOWEVER: All products that used the old Element Values will be changed to reflect the new Element Values. Existing documents containing old values and descriptions will remain unchanged.
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