Why did my Product Import Fail?

2017-05-31 18:21

Top 10 Reasons Product Imports Fail:

  • The spreadsheet headings are not written exactly as shown.
  • Commodity Stages and Elements are not set up in Envio.
  • A GTIN or SKU number you’re trying to import is already in use.
  •  You’ve set up an element in your commodity but didn’t have it as a column in your spreadsheet.
  • You didn’t save and close the spreadsheet on your workstation before pushing the Select Import File button.
  • You forgot to save the spreadsheet as a .csv.
  • The product already exists in Envio and you didn't select overwrite. You will be told in the error log.
  • The Commodity in the spreadsheet didn’t match the description field in the Commodities selection of Envio.
  • Verify your Commodity-Name / Element-Code match the entries in Envio.
  • You have a comma in one of your fields. Remove it and try again.

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