Partner Category Maintenance

2017-06-01 22:16

Where Partner Category Maintenance is Located

  • Configuration > Partner Category Maintenane

About Partner Category Maintenance

Use the function to create custom categories to apply to Trading Partners. For example, use Partner Categories when you want to create groups that are affected by different charges or that must be grouped or split out for reporting.

How to Make Partner Categories

  1. Configuration > Partner Category Maintenance
  2. In the Partner Category Setup window, click New.Partner Category Setup
  3. Type in a code and name for the partner category. You may name them whatever you choose. (The names may appear on reports. Be spefcific and descriptive.)
  4. When you have entered all desired Partner Categories, Save and Close to save your work.

How to Assign a Partner Category to a Trading Partner

  1. Company > Find > Trading PartnersAdd Partner Category to Trading Partner
  2. Double click the customer name; the customer information will open.
  3. Click the checkbox to select a Category.
  4. To add a new category, click the plus sign. Then click the checkbox to select the Category.
  5. Save and Close to save your work.
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