Add a Container Type

2017-04-28 18:10

Where do I find the Container Types list?

  • Configuration > Find > Container Types

Why & When Container Types are Used

Container Types allow you to list the types of bins and containers for your business. Container Type is used as a data list for bins/containers. This list is accessed when adding Master Containers. 

How to Add a Container Type

  1. Configuration > Find > Container Types
  2. The main grid will populate with any container types already entered. If no container types appear, there aren't any in the system.
  3. Click New to create a new container type entry.
  4. Type in the name, code, and description. Remaining fields are optional.
    • Note: The weight field, when populated, may affect weight allocation. If you populate the container type in supplier receipt, the weight will be affected.
  5. Save and Close.

The new container type will appaer on the main grid. If it does not appear immediately, click refresh.

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