How do I customize the Trading Partner Supplier Tab?

2017-04-28 21:14


The trading partner must have the relationship of Supplier selected for this tab to appear.

Where is the Supplier Tab Located?

  • Company > Trading Partners > [Partner Name] > Supplier Tab

Why & When the Supplier Tab is Used

The Supplier tab  determines the areas and dropdown menus in which this supplier will appear. Add supplier Block Info or add supplier settlement data to this trading partner in this area. 

 Supplier Tab

  • Supplier Usage: The supplier will only appear in the Envio Functions selected.
  • Accounts Payable: If you are connected to accounting, you may set the Account Payable Account here. 
  • Settlement Info:  Use Pay to Supplier to select the Supplier that will be paid during settlement, if not this Supplier.
  • Block Info: If you are using Blocks, add each block by clicking New Block. A row will appear for you to make changes.

After changes, click Save and Close.

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