How to Adjust Weight Definitions

2017-05-03 22:44

Where is the Weight Definition Table Located?

  • Company > Find > Commodities

Why & When Weight Definitions are Used

Weight definitions define the weight of each packed or raw product. Weight definitions are an integral part of tracking produce through Envio and should be created when a product is first entered in Envio. You can set the Net weight,  Package weight, and volume for each raw, sorted, or packed product.

How to Adjust Weight Definitions

  1. Company > Find > Commodities
  2. Choose the commodity that requires a new/edited weight definition. Double-click on your selection in the Name column.
    • Examples: Cherries, Apples, Onions, etc.
  3. The product window shows all the pre-assigned Product Stages. Double-click on the Stage Name where the weight definition will be added or changed.
    • Examples: Packed, Pre-Sort, Raw
  4. Click the Weight Definition tab. All prior definitions will appear in the grid.Weight DefinitionTab

Edit an Existing Weight Definition

To edit a product's weight defnition, click on the field you want to change, type in the edit, and click Save to save your changes. 

IMPORTANT: Changing the weight definition will not change the weight to any existing product on pallet tags.

  • To update existing inventory tags, go to Production > Start a Task > Item Override and tag by tag, click Restore Weight.
  • To change product weights going forward, go to Products and for each product affected, right click and select refresh weight to change all future product. 

Add a New Weight Definition

To add a new weight, click the New Weight button on the right side of the product menu. New Weight Button

Click under the Pack heading and select a product from the dropdown. Tab or click the Net Weight and Pkg Weight and type in the desired numbers. Filling in the Volume column is optional. 

Define Weight

When finished adding and/or editing Weight Definitions, save.  

Click the Element Definition tab.

Verify that a box is checked under Defines Weight categtory. Without a checkbox selected the product will not have a defined weight even if Weight Definitions are created.

Be sure to Save your changes.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • If you do not assign weights to products, major data inconsistencies will occur.
  • Product weights will auto-fill based on the weight in this table, provided that the weights are created on the Commodity prior to creating the Product.
  • A product's Net Weight  and Package (Pkg) Weight do not need to be the same. Typically, Pkg Weight includes the container weight and Net Weight is the weight of the fruit/vegetable(s) only.


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