How to Make a Bill of Material

2017-05-04 19:29


Materials must be added as a Commodity and as products before a Bill of Material can be created. See  How to Add a Commodity and How to Add a Product for step-by-step instruction

Where is Add a Bill of Material Located?

  • Company > Start a Task > New Bill of Material

Why & When to use Bill of Material

A Bill of Material is an assembly of Material products equal to a unit used in packaging.

Add a Bill of Materials to corresponding produce products when you want to begin tracking material use in packing and shipping. 

Bill of Material can also help with inventory management of Material Products. Materials are added to enable cost tracking for packaging as well as enable notification to reorder.

How to Make a Bill of Material

  1. Company > Start a Task > New Bill of Material
  2. Enter the information into the required yellow fields: Name, Code Description.
  3. Click Assign Material. A new row forms in the empty grid area.
  4. Under the SKU heading, click to type the SKU of the material component required to fulfill this Bill of Material (You may also use the dropdown to search for the SKU. A SKU may be letters or numbers.)
  5. Under Quantity, assign how many of the item is required to fulfill the Bill of Material.
    • Example: 2 cardboard liners
  6. Click Assign Material to continue adding addtional rows of materials to the Bill of Material.
    • A sample list of materials could be: 1 Box Top, 2 cardboard lines, 1 box bottom
  7. When all the components are added, Save and Close to save your work.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • To review or adjust Material SKUs, go to Company > Find > Products > "search or filter for" Materials. Double-click on the column to view the details of the product/material.
  • You must assign the Bill of Material to produce products in order to track the materials used. See  How do I assign a Bill of Material to Produce Products? for instruction.
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