How do I customize the Receiver Tab for a Trading Partner?

2017-04-28 21:40


The trading partner must have the relationship of Receiver selected for this tab to appear.

Where is the Receiver Tab Located?

  • Company > Trading Partners > [partner name] > Receiver tab

How and Why to Customize the Receiver Tab

Receiver is a trading partner that is a delivery site, and one who is not responsible for their own bililng. Locations that receive shipments but have their invoices sent to a central location are good candidates for the Receiver relationship. All fields in the Receiver tab are optional.

Receiver Tab

  • Bill to Partner brings up a list of customers. Choose the Customer who will receive the bill if it is not this trading partner.
  • Delivery Contact allows you to choose a delivery Contact if desired.
  • If you select the Allow Custom Address? checkbox, a + is added beside Ship to  in a Sales Order. This allows on-the-fly addresses to be entered. The address will not be saved in the Trading Partner address list.
  • Deliver by Date Calculation allows you to enter a number of hours from ship on date. Entering a value in the box automatically populates the deilver by date in other areas of Envio.
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