Dumping Hybrid Tags into a Run

2017-05-08 23:52

You may dump hybrid tags into a run.


Go to the Run > Dump tab Right click on the header row of the Available Items Grid and select column chooser. 

Drag the “Hybrid Tag Nbr” field onto the Available Items Grid and the Dumped Items grid. 


If the Hybrid Tag is entered in the TagNumber box (toward the top of the Product Dump Window in a Run), all the associated child “tags” will be included.

You will see the tags associated with a Hybrid Tag in Available Items.   

The result AFTER entering the Hybrid Tag Number in the “Tag Number” box.    

Shown below is the dialog box when “undumping” a tag that is part of a Hybrid Tag.  Note that all tags associated with the Hybrid Tag will be included in the process.  This is the case for both Dumping and UnDumping.  

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