How to Make a Hybrid Tag

2017-05-12 23:36

Where is Hybrid Tag Located?

  • Production > Start a Task > New Hybrid Tag

Why & When Hybrid Tags are Used

Hybrid Tag is a PTI (Product Traceability Initiative) term. A Hybrid Tag is a pallet tag that combines  two or more pallet tags of the same product onto one physical pallet. Hybrid tags are used when several incomplete pallets of the same product are put onto one physical pallet. No one wants to deal with shipping multiple partial pallets of the same product when they can simply be restacked onto on physical pallet and traceability stays intact. 

How to Create a New Hybrid Tag

  1. Production > Start a Task > New Hybrid Tag
  2. A hybrid tag can only include the same product from two or more tags. Go to Inventory Item or find a Run with tags that meet this description. Write down these numbers. They are required.
  3. When opening the New Hybrid Tag screen, a tag number in the main window should already be showing. No data is assigned to this tag yet.
  4. In the Assign Tag field: Type in your first tag. Click ENTER to add this tag.
    • Note: A policy may be set to require location and tag location to match. A warning may appear.
  5. The tag information will populate below the Tag number row.
  6. Add the second tag number (and any others) in the same fashion.
  7. The tag information will populate one Inventory Item row for each additional tag added in the Assign Tag Field.
  8. If information is correct, click Save.
  9. Click New Hybrid Tag to create an additional Hybrid Tag.
  10. Save and Close when all hybrid tags are complete.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • To make a Hybrid Tag during  a packout run:
    • Go to Production > Run > Product Packout Tab
    • Right click on a created product line and select Create Hybrid Tag. The selected tag is automatically added to the next Hybrid Tag number.
  • To view all created Hybrid Tags:
    • go to Production > Find > Hybrid Tags
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