How to Dump Raw Product into a Run

2017-05-13 00:56


A run must already be created in order to dump product. For information, see  How to Create a New Run.

Where is Product Dump Located?

  • Production > Find > Runs >"Select Run" > Product Dump

Why & When Product Dump is Used

Dumping product is the act of physically putting raw or pre-sorted product onto a production line in order to inventory it in Envio. Dumping Product allows an organization to track raw product from field or storage to finished product. When product is received in some sort of bulk container and then is run over the pack line to finished product, a Product Dump inventories the process.

How to Dump Raw Product into a Run

  1. Production > Find > Runs > "Select a Run" > Product DumpTab
    OR while making a new run
    Production > Start a Task > New Run > Product Dump Tab
  2. Click Show Available Items Grid button to see all items available from inventory available to dump 

    Scan or Key in the Bin tag numbers.
  3. Click the row(s) to dump.
    • Select more than one row by holding the SHIFT key and clicking the desired rows. 
  4. Click Yes to confirm the dump. Click No to deny the dump.
  5. To dump the entire Tag Nbr quantity, click the Dump Items button.
  6. To dump a portion of the Tag:
    • Right click on the row. (Use CTRL + Click rows for multiple selection)
    • Select Dump from the window. 
    • Click the field and type in the number you wish to dump. (This option is a policy option)
    • Click OK.
  7. Continue to dump available items until all desired items are listed below the Dumped Items area.
  8. Save if you are going to pack product. Save and Close if you will pack product at a later time.

How to Undump Raw Product

  1. Click to highlight the item you want to undump in the Dumped Items section.
  2. Right click on the row and choose Undump from the menu.
  3. Confirm the quantity. Click OK.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • Dumping raw, pre-sorted, or packed product follows the same steps
  • If you want different heading information to show on the Available Items and Dumped Items Grids, right click on the heading row and select Column Chooser.
  • If Pool or Pool Name shows below the Dumped Item area, click to see the dumped items.
  • You don't need to dump product in order to pack it.
  • You can repack product by dumping pallet tags into the run instead of raw product.
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